We provide the following services

Engineering consulting

As one of the leading independent product development consultancies, Gear Corp. is dedicated to using smarter insights, state of art technology and elegant design to make the very best products to improve lives and maximise profits for our customers. Our vision is to deliver services that ensures market competitiveness, optimal product performance, reliability and flawless manufacturing process. We consult small and medium companies in mechanical engineering and manufacturing of technical products.

Industrial design

We design elegantly crafted hardware that is innovative, precise and easy to use. By leveraging our experience and strong technical expertise across a broad spectrum of industries and markets, we create a strong and innovative design that adheres to the manufacturing capabilities and the specifications that our clients demand. We apply user-centered approach and various product research techniques in our work.


We help our client validate a mechanism or technology before launching the mass production. From estimation of size, shapes, ergonomics and proof of concept model to complete design, we verify the feasibility and manufacturability and test your product. This iterative process repeats until the desired result is achieved.

The Industries we serve

Medical equipment

Customer technology

Scientific equipment and complexes

Industrial equipment

Medical equipment

Over the years, Gear corp. has been trusted by medical and healthcare brand manufacturers to deliver innovative solutions and transformative products. Our team of designers and engineers define, design and develop user-centered solutions for patients and practitioners. Gear corp delivers services that covers the design lifecycle process to FDA documentation preparation. Lets discuss how we can help identify and develop your next medical device breakthrough.

Our Projects and Solutions All

GEAR Technologies


Our hardware design skills are drawn from a wealth of experience, gained developing state of art designs for some of the important players in the industry. We have all the capabilities required to deliver a comprehensive turnkey product design that is ready​​​​​​​ for manufacturing and have delivered designs that have deployed in volumes from a handful of units for specific equipment, to very large units of consumer devices. Our cutting edge digital prototyping techniques gives us a competitive advantage over others.


Software is at the core of any digital device. The technologies at play are diverse; the landscape can often become very complex, which is where Gear corp’s wide experience across many projects and clients can be vital. We have plenary expertise that can be deployed to assist our clients choose the right platform, interfaces, middleware and operating systems in order to deliver their desired product. Our experience encompasses all areas that are likely to be encountered during the entire phase of product design and development. Our out of the box software development approach makes us an attractive partner for our clients and industry

Choose Prefixed Package


2 900-7 000 USD

  • Best for first ideas stage
  • Final result in two weeks
  • Enables Design Thinking in your team

Conceptual Design

9 000-25 000 USD

  • Best for early startup stage
  • Final result in two months
  • Includes user-centered design research
  • Includes empathic design approach


26 000-49 000 USD

  • Best for pre-seed stage
  • Final result in two-four months
  • Includes mechanical engineering
  • Includes prototyping and testing


50 000-120 000 USD

  • Best for medium companies
  • Final result in six-ten months
  • Includes electrical engineering
  • Includes software development
  • Includes legal documents preparation

Our Partners


Investment is not about money for Gear. It is about keeping our social responsobility by supporting emerging technological companies at the pre-seed stage. We contribute our resources for talented and extraordinary business leaders with unique vision and promising technologies, creative ideas. Thus, we try to combine our expertise with your vision and become a long-term strategic and trusted partner. Gear believes in this case innovation can happen faster.